May 2010


Big Steam sale on Sega games this week

With their ridiculous sales, Steam has become really good at getting people to buy games they weren’t planning on purchasing. This week is no different with Sega games being the target. The biggest deal is the “Sega Complete Pack“, which, includes all 23 Sega titles on Steam for $90. If…


Review: Yakuza 3

Released back in February 2009 in Japan, many Western fans believed that Yakuza 3 would never get an official release in their home countries. The PS3 spinoff Yakuza: Kenzan failed to make it overseas and, with the lackluster sales of the first two games on PS2, there was little hope…


Pepsi Max will give you money

Want to live your life to the “max”? Do you live in the UK? Then the Max It Legends competition by Pepsi Max is right up your alley. The new ad campaign for Pepsi Max stars a group of men past their prime that want to help the young ‘uns…