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Sega Addicts Episode 116- A Desperate 40 Dollars

August 11, 2017

This week a gaggle of Addicts gather to give a game more internet air time than anyone logically has: Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein. This Dreamcast game has got it all, or does it? Or does it have too much? Elle, Pocky, TJ, Nic, Brett AND Scotty also finally get down…

Sega Addicts Episode 115- How Many Squirrel Girls?

August 4, 2017

This week, TJ Kitsune, Brett the Hatfield and Scotty discuss one of the lesser known, but more obscure Dreamcast launch titles: Blue Stinger. If anyone can save Dinosaur Island, clearly the Addicts are the ones for the job. Or maybe not. You decide? The Addicts also discuss what can determine…

Sega Addicts Episode 114- You Better Invite Fist Kidd

July 21, 2017

Who made Smash Bros. before Smash Bros? Of course SEGA did! This week the Addicts discuss a beloved Saturn fighter that not enough people have played: Fighters Megamix. Why not a palm tree fighting a car? This week’s episode kinda turns into a love letter for the Saturn, and the boys…

Second Banana Episode 2 – The Departed by Martin Scorsese

July 10, 2017

It’s time for more movie content to drive you BANANAS! This week, we’re talking about The Departed by Martin Scorsese. Join Pocky X, The Nic Flair, and Scotty Mo as we attempt to recover from a truly disastrous opening. Check it out! We just debuted on iTunes! Subscribe and be sure to give…

Sega Addicts Episode 113- Chicken Cereal

July 7, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it was like to challenge Death himself? Chakan did it, and the Sega Addicts are here to talk about it! Keeping with the retro Game of the Week theme somehow, Pocky X, The Nic Flair, Brett the Hatfield and ScottyMo discuss another “gem” this week…

Sega Addicts Episode 112- E3 2017 Totally Real Floor Show

June 15, 2017

It’s that time of year again! The Addicts have risked it all to show their faces on the show floor and bump fists with video game super stars. Brett, Stevie, and Scotty talk to all the big names in games in this episode from Randy Pitchford and Tim Schafer to Tim Burton and…

Sega Addicts Episode 110- Basic Sex Math

May 30, 2017

Don’t be fooled by the title, the Addicts actually discuss video games this week! Join the Nick Flair, TJ Kitsune, and ScottyMo as they discuss another Genesis classic this week: Road Rash 3. Do the guys dig the gritty music, digitized graphics, and rage-induced highway battles? Hop on your crotch…

Latest Reviews

Review – Collar X Malice (VITA)

August 10, 2017

A terrorist group named Adonis commits a string of monthly atrocities labeled the “X-Day Incidents” throughout Shinjuku. The theme of each incident is passing justice on the corrupt, and each serve as a countdown to the mysterious X-Day. As a way to combat the rising uncomfort in the citizens following…

Review – Tokyo Xanadu (VITA)

June 29, 2017

Since the release of Trails of Cold Steel in the west, I’ve been in love with Falcom’s games. With just a modest budget, they craft masterful experiences full of heart and detail, with a special charm not seen from many other companies. So when I learned that Aksys games was…

Review: Valkyria Revolution (PS4)

June 27, 2017

You could be easily forgiven for not knowing a new Valkyria game was on its way. Between Sega entering another potential boom period with multiple major titles dropping, and 2017 in general just being stacked with fantastic releases across the board, Valkyria Revolution has somehow managed to sneak under practically…

Review: Puyo Puyo Tetris (PS4)

June 12, 2017

Growing up with Tetris and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, I never thought I would see these two completely different puzzle games join forces. Little did I know that someday these puzzlers would not only unite, but do so in an adorable way with intense depth and strategy to boot….

Review – Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 (PS4)

May 26, 2017

One of the best stories of the last couple years when it comes to the fighting genre has been the rebirth of the Guilty Gear franchise. While it wasn’t something I was personally on board with at first (you can blame a silly BlazBlue vs. Guilty Gear turf war for…

Review – The Caligula Effect (VITA)

May 24, 2017

If there’s one thing I never stop shilling, it’s Satoshi Tadashi’s fantastic writing in the Persona 2 and Digital Devil Saga duologies. When The Caligula Effect was announced in early 2016, I was ecstatic to see him back to write a whole new game, especially one published by staff favorite…

Review – Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception (PS4/VITA)

May 23, 2017

How much do you want to bet you won’t be able to pronounce Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception perfectly on the first try? A big game with a big title and an even bigger heart, Utawarerumono is a franchise of visual novel/strategy game hybrids, and this marks the first time the…

Review – Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ (VITA)

May 6, 2017

The Otome genre of games sits in a rather obscure spot of the already niche visual novel genre. They are romance games made for a female audience in mind, where you choose between a variety of charming gentlemen to fall in love with. There is a lot of heart in…

Latest Features

Marathon Hype: Why Soulcalibur with Fishing Poles?

August 18, 2017

For some reason, Scotty owns two, count ’em TWO, Dreamcast fishing rod controllers. Oh wait I know why, and it isn’t for Sega Bass Fishing as some would logically assume. Scotty owns two fishing rod controllers as any sane person would for Soulcalibur, which has been dubbed Pole Calibur by…

Marathon Hype: Let’s Raise Money for the Kids

August 10, 2017

  The big date is just around the corner now, folks. We are barely one month from 9.9.17. Scotty is at work right now, and I’m making my lunch, so I thought I would remind everyone of the awesome chance all the Sega Addicts have this year to raise money…

Marathon Hype: What do you want us to play?

August 3, 2017

Every year Scotty keeps telling me about the schedule the Sega Addicts create after hours of planning. This year, however, Scotty tells me that they want to hear from you! What games do YOU want us to stream during the 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon? To get some ideas, the Addicts…

Announcing the 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon for 2017

July 28, 2017

So we were just eating dinner and Scotty wanted me to remind everyone that the 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon is coming up! As fate would have it, the actual 18th anniversary falls on a Saturday, and the Sega Addicts don’t plan on sleeping, folks! So mark your calendar for 9.9.17….

Still Thinking…

July 20, 2017

<What is my human doing? And when is he going to get this Quake III Arena sticker off my face?>

Top 5 Atlus Games To Play While Waiting For Persona 5

March 10, 2017

We are less than a month away from release of Persona 5, and if you’re like me, you can’t wait to get your hands on it. In the meantime, why not sample some of Atlus’s other amazing games? I’m abiding by a couple rules: Atlus-developed games only, and no games…

The 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon Recap

September 26, 2016

Wait a minute! Didn’t that marathon happen over a week ago? Sure as heck did, but now we have all had sufficient time to recover, catch up on our sleep, and wonder how we survived another 24 hours of insanity! For myself, I really thought this year would be the…

The final hours are here and the Dreamcast Marathon is TOMORROW

September 16, 2016

We are now in the final few hours before the insanity begins! In the day before the marathon alone we have already raised $195 towards our Extra Life goal of $500! We have a few contenders for the top donator prize, and are slowly making our way to Scotty’s new tattoo!…