New Dreamcast/Neo-Geo Game Releasing: Gunlord

From NG DEV TEAM comes a combination of Turrican and Metroid to compose the sci-fi adventure: Gunlord.  The German-based company is crafting this gem for not only Dreamcast but Neo-Geo as well.  The game looks like it’s straight out of 1989 with the different blaster weapons, bug-like enemies, screen-ecompassing bosses, and colorful landscapes.  Gunlord is coming in a variety of collectors editions, which are all available on the game’s webstore.  The game will be available for Neo-Geo in December and on the Dreamcast on January 15th.  So when you feel like you need a break from Sturmwind, grab yourself some more Dreamcast goodness in the form of Gunlord!

[Source: Dreamcast Junkyard, Gunlord]

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