Review Roundup: Sonic Generations

As you all should know, this week sees the launch of the much anticipated Sonic Generations. But how does the game hold up in the end? Is it the Sonic game that finally makes us forget the past 10 years or is it going to be another, mostly mediocre game? Hit the jump to find out what reviewers all around the internet think about it! I will put up another post as soon as there are more available!






Jim Sterling gives the game an 8/10 saying:

[…]As far as recent retail titles go, this is one of the most consistently enjoyable ones released in a while. The moments of failure are significantly outweighed by genuinely fun levels and a handful of borderline thrilling sequences.


Bob Mackey gives the game a B stating:

If the inevitable sequel to Generations offers the same refinements Sonic 2 brought to the original Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega’s blue rodent might just completely emerge from the pit of embarrassment he slowly dug for himself throughout the ’00s.