Join Sega and Renegade Ops’ General Bryant in celebrating “Mo-vember”

Renegade Ops does a lot of things right. A LOT of things. Perhaps one of the best things about Sega’s downloadable title is General Bryant’s earth-shattering, mind-melting, cheek-tickling mustache. If only he could support the cause using nothing but that amazing face rug…

Ask and you shall receive.

Sega announced today that they will be joining forces with General Awesome Mustache (as John Doherty calls him) to celebrate the month of the mustache, “Mo-vember.” All month, men are encouraged to sprout their very own manly facial hair as a way of raising support and awareness of men’s health issues like prostate cancer.

In support of this worthy cause, General Bryant has appeared on Sega’s Blog with a baby-soft, hairless face. You can join in the fun by donating to Sega of Mo-merica or Euro Sega Staches and sprouting some manly fur of your own!

 [Sega Blog]

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