Dear Sega: We are all inspired in our own little ways.

While naysayers will have you believe that video games only drive gamers to violence, obesity, or awkward attempts at love making, many gamers also draw intense artistic inspiration from the hobby. Sega in particular seems to get those creative juices flowing. Talented Sega fans have produced incredible tributes to their hobby. From insane system mods, to interpretive dances, and artwork that rivals that of professionals, Sega fans are really using the right side of their brains!

And then there are these people on Etsy that I bring to your attention on this Veteran’s Day.

These are people who probably mean well, bless their hearts. I do not usually encourage Sega’s legal department to chase down the fans for copyright infringement but a few anonymous tips might help Sonic keep the dignity he has so recently regained.


Grape soda scented controller soap

Okay, so our love for Sega has made all of us a little sticky and sweaty before. Blast processing, right? But before you go and shower with your Irish Spring soap like a total chump, check this out. You can rub a 3-Button Genesis controller all over your pasty body and get good and clean. But the thrills don’t stop there. This soap is Grape Soda scented and entirely vegan. So you can smell like a terrible beverage choice AND be better than everyone else. The last time this got mentioned on Sega Addicts, more than one person claimed they were going to buy one…did anyone do it?


A “Real” Sonic the Hedgehog

This item, described as a “Real” Sonic the Hedgehog, defies description. I honestly have no idea what it is. It’s football shaped. Blue. It has an afro. I think it is soft. The person who made it (and is willing to send you your own for a mere $4.00 USD) does not seem to know, either. Is it a sham-wow? Is it a baby toy? Did I just help you with your holiday shopping? Mysteries abound.


This Tails Doll Thing

Poor Tails. The sheer amount of fan-hate, terrible dialogue, and lamentable fiction was not enough, apparently. Someone had to go and make him look like this. If you ignore how much it looks like Big the Cat killed Tails and is now wearing his skin, I guess it is kind of cute.


Do not buy this for your girl friend she will hate you / DIY Bayonetta Costume

Making your own clothes is like cutting your own hair; unless you really know what you are doing, get someone else to do it for you. For you ladies who really know how to make your own costumes, I am guessing that this design for a Bayonetta costume is probably not going to be the template by which you hem your tights. Or you could just skip the work and buy the original.


Inspiration comes in many forms. Part of being creative is knowing when to stop what you are doing and grab hold of what has inspired you. I think part of being creative might also be knowing when to ignore that idea for a great Amy Rose negligee and instead keep the controller in hand for another run through Green Hill Zone.



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