Sonic’s parade float had an eventful holiday

In coordination with his 20th birthday, Sonic acquired a new float for the Macy’s Day Parade, and with it the celebrations ensued.

Sega posted a good bit of pictures from the Thanksgiving events revolving around Sonic’s float for all to see on their website and Flickr.  I am personally a fan of the giant Sonic “bib” style uniforms the staff had to wear and would love to wear those to the next Sega event.  Oh but I jest.  Really though, it’s pretty amazing to see so much celebration around a simple balloon beacuse it is another way to celebrate our favorite rodent in all his glory.  Take that, Snoopy!  Here are a few snapshots I found entertaining:

I left Knuckle's chucklin' in Pumpkin Hill!


If Godzilla couldn't break free, what hope do I have?!


Hey baby, I'll be your "umbrella."

[Source: Sega Blog]

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