Shinobi 3DS now also has a soundtrack

On January 25th the soundtrack to the hard but fun Nintendo 3DS reimagining of the Shinobi franchise will come out in Japan. According to Gonintendo, it can be yours for 2625 yen. Hit the jump for a full track list!

Many thanks go to Stephen Frost, the producer of Shinobi 3DS, for sharing this with us!

TRACK 1 Stillness
TRACK 2 Full Proficiency
TRACK 3 Oboro Village
TRACK 4 Attack on Oboro
TRACK 5 Into Deep
TRACK 6 Bad Omen
TRACK 7 Yuki Onna
TRACK 8 Cold Demise
TRACK 9 Catapulted Through Time
TRACK 10 City of Zeed
TRACK 11 Sarah’s Stand
TRACK 12 Trickshot
TRACK 13 Hyper Transport MG97
TRACK 14 Kryoborg
TRACK 15 Jungle of Blood
TRACK 16 H43 Attack Chopper
TRACK 17 Massive Carriers
TRACK 18 After Burner
TRACK 19 Red Out – Shinobi Style –
TRACK 20 BioShark
TRACK 21 Lava Crawler
TRACK 22 Shadow Temple
TRACK 23 Shadow Master
TRACK 24 Secret Mission
TRACK 25 The Ultimatum
TRACK 26 Stage Clear
TRACK 27 Fatality
TRACK 28 Countdown
TRACK 29 Game Over
TRACK 30 Pause
TRACK 31 Stillness – Concept version –
TRACK 32 After Burner – Shinobi Style –