Sega announces London 2012–The Official Video Game of The Olympic Games (and I laugh at that name)

It looks like Mario and Sonic aren’t the only ones with an Olympic game this year…
Earlier this week, Sega announced the official videogame companion to this year’s London Olympic games. Like Mario and Sonic’s bro-grab-fest, the title of this game (London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games) is needlessly long and convoluted, and as with any sports/olympics game, I struggle to get excited about it.To set the different versions of the game apart, Sega is throwing in special motion control gameplay for several events, like Beach Volleyball (exclusive to the Kinect), and Rapid-Fire Pistol (exclusive to the Move).

Perhaps the most interesting new feature is a new leaderboard system that tallies each player’s individual medals and adds them to their nation’s overall standing globally. It might be cool to see just how different parts of the globe can stack up in the long run. Let’s just hope the game’s quality can support that kind of ongoing competition.

Whatever the case, the game will be out in June of this year, right in time for the big games.

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