Sonic-themed DLC now available for Spiral Knights

Have you ever seen a piece of cosmetic DLC that looks so damn cool that you find yourself wanting the game only for that one tiny piece of online sweetness?

…Well now, I really freaking want Spiral Knights.

If you purchase the PC version of Sonic CD before February 1st, you will be treated to the utterly badass Metal Sonic armor you see above, as well as an accessory for Tails’…er…Tails, which you can see after the jump.

Sega’s cross-promotional fervor for both Sonic CD and Sonic 4: Episode 2 is a really masterful thing to watch. No matter what they do to push one game, they are automatically building interest and intrigue for the other. Now, with Spiral Knights in the mix, this veritable stew of self-sustaining marketing begins to swallow us whole. Pretty soon, Sega will be able to conquer the world with a single neato-looking Sonic Avatar hat.

Then we’ll be sorry for mocking that Were-hog.

[Source: SegaShiro]

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