Udon Entertainment to release Bayonetta art book and DVD

It seems that fans of Sega and Platinum’s sexy action title Bayonetta have had plenty of reasons to be happy lately. And with this announcement of a sensual art book and DVD package entitled The Eyes of Bayonetta, fans also have a great reason to break out their wallets yet again.

The book is set to contain “character sketches, CG models, monsters, weapons, and location designs” with an added “creator commentary”. The DVD is also set to contain an hour of exclusive behind the scenes goodness. The release date has not been announced but it has got a price of $39.99, and you can pre-order it on amazon already.

Seems like a good package overall. I really love these kinds of merchandise and this seems like it’s set to contain a great deal of treats. Good job Udon!

[Source: Udon Entertainment via Sega Shiro]

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