Sega vs Capcom, Part XIX: Rock Out With Your Socks Out!


What if I told you our fighter this week comes all the way from Armstone City, where his dad is a councilman?  What if I told you  that he rebelled as a youth, dropped out of high school and started a band called Death Crunch?  What if you just hit the jump to see who it is, since these hints are no help at all?

So, who remembers Fighting Vipers?  It didn’t quite get the notoriety of Virtua Fighter, but it was a decent game nonetheless–particularly because of its crazy cast of 90s-rific characters, like our boy Raxel here.  Rock on, my friends!




Concert’s over!  No more encores.  Best run home now.  Your mom worries when you go to these devil music concerts, you know.  But before you leave, drop by the merch tent and check out the other characters in the game!


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