Aliens Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition has everything you want

Proving the leaked photot from five months ago to be true, Sega has officially announced the Aliens Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition. For your one time payment of $99.99, you will get all of this Xany Xenomorphic stuff:

  • Resin Powerloader statue.
  • Four multiplayer characters based on the movies — Hicks, Drake, Apone and Hudson.
  • Ripley’s Flamethrower.
  • Extra character customization options.
  • Exclusive weapons — Phase Plasma Rifle and Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers.
  • Exclusive level — USMC Firing Range.
  • USCM Dossier — includes mission brief, USS Sephora schematic, Recruitment card, LV-426 recon photo, USCM iron-on badges, USCM graduation certificate.
  • Xenomorph “Hive” packaging.

This is a fan’s ultimate belated Christmas gift and puts the Aliens Vs. Predator Collector’s Edition to shame in my opinion. Not only do you get to play as characters from the movies (while everyone runs around yelling, “Game Over, Man!”), but you also get to use the Sonic Electronic Ball Breaker, which wasn’t even an actual weapon until now! Oh, and there is the incredibly sweet statue of a power loader getting mauled by a Xenomorph! Take my money now!

[Source: Destructoid]