Spiral Knights gets a chilly update

Too bad it’s Summer because Spiral Knights has just got a chilly update! OK that’s the only pun I’ll make. I’m sorry.

So the latest update to Sega’s free popular MMO Spiral Knights takes a more wintry approach to the game as it adds new frost based bad guys, and an entirely new mission set in an icy tundra. The mission is called ‘Heart of Ice’ and is made for skilled players, so it might be a good idea to buff up your stats before you play. The new mission is available in the ‘Prestige Mission’ section of the stage select. This update is also set to get rid of a certain bug involving the range of the Trojan Shockwave attack, adding a new balance to the game.

The update is up now so get your skates on and enjoy! OK sorry that was another awful pun. I’ll stop now.

[Source: Sega Blog]