Sega shows off Phantasy Star Online 2 for Vita and smartphones

Along with it’s legions of fans on PC, Sega can expect a new crowd of Phantasy Star Online 2 fans for Vita and the iOS/Android market when it launches soon. With this news comes the trailers for these particular versions which were released recently at the Tokyo Game Show.

It was also detailed that the smartphone version (entitled Phantasy Star Online 2 es) will not have the functionality of the Vita version which will be able to link up to the PC game for multiplayer fun. The trailer for which (viewable after the jump) explains the touch screen interface and key features exclusive to the system. The expected Japanese release date has been set for next Spring while Phantasy Star Online 2 es will come out late this year. These portable versions however do not have a release date for the US or Europe but you can expect the Western PC release of next Spring. Until then you can drool over these sweet trailers!

[Source: Examiner via Siliconera]


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