The Sega Addicts Kids Table: Episode 61 – Live Free or Reign Anarchy


Anarchy Reigns is still relevant right? What about the 4th Die Hard movie? Oh well, even if they aren’t exactly new it doesn’t mean that The Sega Addicts Kids Table can’t discuss/ awkwardly reference them! That’s right in this episode Stevie and Josh (John was busy doing game competitions) analyse Platinum’s recent multiplayer extravaganza in a fun episode that’s sure to tickle your senses.

So expect spoilers and a lot of thrilling action from the dynamic duo as we finally get into what makes the game tick. Also I don’t even remember where the Die Hard joke comes from so that’ll be a surprise for us all.

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And Newey Needs to Knowey is being held back a week. Tweet your idea for an Anarchy Reigns character to @segaaddicts and your ideas will be read out on the show, with Josh drawing the best one. So get to work!