April 2013


Sturmwind for Dreamcast is out now

The long-awaited Dreamcast shoot-em-up, Sturmwind, is now available for purchase, and a new launch trailer has been revealed to celebrate the release. And it looks gorgeous. Developed by Duranik and published by RedSpotGames, Sturmwind is the first original Dreamcast title since 2009’s Rush Rush Rally Racing and Irides: Master of Blocks….


Road Rash spiritual successor is on Kickstarter

A project known as Road Redemption is being developed by Los Angeles-based DarkSeas Games and is currently being funded on Kickstarter. The game describes itself as a spiritual successor to Road Rash that brings upgraded graphics, combat systems, destructible environments, online multiplayer and more to everyone’s favorite motorcycle combat/racing franchise….


What is Sega Spectrum?

EDIT: The date in the picture is in fact June 12th 2013, which would make it fall in line with E3. Thanks dragonchi26! A peculiar image has been circulating the web recently that shows the Sega logo as well as an unknown logo and the single word “Spectrum”. The Japanese text translates…