Shaq Fu reboot in the works, needs funding

So here’s something I never thought would be written here.

The legendarily awful Shaq Fu, released in 1994 for nearly every retro console and the Mega Drive/Genesis is getting a modern day reboot. Well that is if they can get the funding of course. The Indiegogo campaign was launched recently and features a couple of extra videos detailing a new brilliant project. The main aspects of it being that this is set to be a full Beat ’em Up with power ups and bosses coming out the wazoo. And I’m going to be honest… this looks crazy awesome.

The only mistake I can see so far is that they’re asking for $450,000, a high mark indeed. At the time of writing the project has gained $56,450, a good start but unfortunately nowhere near the needed amount. However there is hope as there are 44 days left of this campaign, enough time to reach the demands of the project. The real question however is why would you not want to donate? With amazing rewards such as limited edition characters and (I kid you not) a $1000 prize of Shaq following you on twitter, there are plenty of reasons to support this amazing dream game.

So please, look into Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn and help the Mega Drive flop become a mega hit! This sounds like a plug but I’m honestly just that excited for this hilarious comeback.

[Source: Indiegogo]