Compile Heart Announces New RPG for Vita Titled Destroyer Trillion


I have no love for Compile Heart, but upon reading their recent game announcement, Destroyer Trillion, is being worked on by Masahiro Yamamoto – the director of Disgaea 4 – you suddenly have my attention. It’s an extremely cautious and well prepared for disappointment kind of attention, but there’s no such thing as bad press right? Editorializing aside, anyone delivering quality Vita content deserves a golf clap for supporting a great device, so props Compile Heart.  Early details are vague, but the source indicates you can expect the typical Nippon Ichi Software brand of extras, like bundled soundtrack and artbook.

So far, Compile Heart games have all fallen into the category of style over substance for me, but I know they have also made great strides since Hyperdimention Neptunia. If it looks promising, you can expect some more updates right here, dood!

[Source: Siliconera]

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