Hatsune Miku collaborates with Bump of Chicken

The awesomely named band ‘Bump of Chicken’ is well known for their presence in the Japanese videogame circuit. With their songs appearing in such media like One Piece, and Final Fantasy Type-0, it’s easy to see that if you’re a fan of Japanese gaming or culture, you’ve probably heard something by them. Well if you just so happen to be a Project Diva fan and haven’t heard of them, you have no excuse now as they have teamed up with the virtual pop star Hatsune Miku for a new music video.

The song Ray can be heard above. It features a catchy beat which will surely ring in your head for days. Oh and if you still aren’t interested just let me remind you of the bands name again. It’s Bump of Chicken.

Bump of Chicken.


[Source: Siliconera ]