Miku Exhibition at Meiji University


Tokyo’s Meiji University is currently playing host to an Hatsune Miku exhibition. Entitled ‘Jumping Across Dimensions’ and housed at the Yoshiro Yonezawa Memorial Library, the event shows Miku in her various non-digital forms. This includes 3D printed objects alongside collections of Miku statuary and, naturally, a life-sized papier mâché recreation of the digital diva. Of course, electronic forms of Miku worship are not exempt, with an Oculus Rift VR experience also featuring, with flesh-and-blood cosplayers to round out the event. One lucky Redditor provided this album for those who can only live vicariously, though if you are fortunate enough to be near Tokyo you will have until June 1st to catch this wonderful experience.

[Source: Meiji University]

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