Tonight at 9! Thursday Throwdowns with BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma!


After a rough start last week, we finally got all the bugs worked out and tonight, Thursday Throwdowns returns with a vengeance, with the totally-Sega-related (hey, they’ve worked with ArcSys plenty of times in the past!) BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma! Come watch as myself and THE MYSTERIOUS POCKY X kick back, have a few matches, and give you all the fun of the Sega Addicts After Hours podcast, with less of our faces and more underboob squirrels than you can shake an arcade stick at. (But why would you shake anything at Makoto, you monsters?)

The show starts at 9PM Eastern on our TwitchTV channel, so come on by and hang with us for a little bit!

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Brett Hatfield

Sega Addicts owner, writer, and podcast/stream host. Sarah's person and husband-to-be. Honorary Australian. #TakeTheWorld
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