December 2014


Review: Bayonetta 2

Like her or not, it’s impossible to deny that Bayonetta attracts large amounts of attention wherever she goes. With the controversy surrounding her character in the West, Bayonetta has frequently enjoyed a great deal of media attention and has led a number of players to give the series a chance…

The (New) Sega Addicts

Sega Addicts Episode 2 – Shave Shenmue

You should be grateful for this latest episode of Sega Addicts! We talk about cool people things, like Anarchy Reigns, Sonic Boom, and celebrate 20 years of Sega Saturn! It’s enjoyable! Direct Download!  Subscribe to the Feed! Follow us on twitter! Pocky X – @SegaTomCast Brett Hatfield – @rainmakerAGITO Nick…