Sega Addicts Episode 97- GEX-ter’s Laboratory

This week we tackle another game no one asked for: NHL All-Stars Hockey for the Game Gear. Elle and Brett spend almost as much time torturing Scotty with Gex puns as it takes to actually discuss the “game of the week.” Everyone Gex what they ask for eventually, right?

Our news section is exceptionally exciting this week as we talk about a whole lot of Yakuza announcements, vinyl records and even a brand new physical Genesis game! What decade are we in?!

The gang also discusses how sequels have come close to destroying entire game series for them in the past, but how they have also grown beyond blindly judging future releases. Or have they? HAVE THEY, CAPCOM? But I jest. We have definitely learned to save our mobians for safer purchases. Give a listen to how much we have been burned, as well as Shigidy’s continued quest(ions) to make us more and more uncomfortable.

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