Sega Addicts Episode 113- Chicken Cereal

Have you ever wondered what it was like to challenge Death himself? Chakan did it, and the Sega Addicts are here to talk about it! Keeping with the retro Game of the Week theme somehow, Pocky X, The Nic Flair, Brett the Hatfield and ScottyMo discuss another “gem” this week on the Genesis/Mega Drive: Chakan: The Forever Man. And boy howdy do they have some feelings on this retro classic.

The Addicts also discuss what makes a game, “worth it,” in terms of price and expectations and get waaaaaay too involved in dipping sauces and Rescue 9-1-1.

Suggested talking points: Bubsy, Too Many Games, Half-priced Seaman, Cringeworthy Cosplay, Mr Creepy Pasta


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