New Dreamcast Shooter announced – Sturmwind

This is a headline I will never get bored with saying, especially having playing Triggerheart Exelica so much last week. RedSpotGames, publishers of the XBLIG title Solar Struggle and another DC shooter, Last Hope, have just announced they’ll be brining another shmup to the already generous library of the Dreamcast with Sturmwind.

Currently, there isn’t actually a lot of media to go with the announcement, save this capture of an interview on a German TV show announcing the game, where somehow the behind-the-scenes footage actually shows off some gameplay better than the interview itself. Pre-orders are available now (although I can’t actually find a link on the site to do so) and the game is priced at around €35 ($46). When it releases during Q2 2011 the game will feature 16 levels, 20 bosses, hundreds of different enemies and an ‘Award Trophy System’ with unlockable content. It will be region free, and is compatible with NTSC/PAL video signals, for whatever your TV supports.

I wouldn’t argue against not putting your money down yet, as there isn’t even an official trailer released, but screenshot galleries and a preview video are confirmed to be released sometime in the next few weeks so we’ll keep our eyes peeled till then.

[Source: GameSetWatch]

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