Sega Addicts Episode 123- Uncle Chuckles

Sonic Forces released. Did you know that? Yeah we sorta forgot for a second as well, but then we realized we should talk about it! Woo! Remember Sonic Mania? Crap, well try to forget it. Remember Sonic Generations? Well, try to forget that game too, because we need to talk about Sonic Forces!

Nic, Brett, and Scotty also wanna tell you about some moments in games that made them think way more about that game than they may have in the past. Believe it or not, sometimes video games actually involve emotions. And you guys had some words on the topic as well!

Speaking of words, and you, the next episode (and final one for 2017!) will be a special mailbag episode! That means you need to get those crazy, deep, ridiculous, hilarious, obnoxious, and any other questions into us through our Discord and Twitter before December 12th. We have a good bit collected, but still need plenty more! Wanna know our favorite Sonic character? Favorite food? Best college story? Dumbest thing we ever dreamed about? Our first video game crush? Well you better ask us! Otherwise how will you find out?!

Suggested talking points: Sonic Forces Us To Play His Game, Sonic 06, WAS-Don’t, Randy Pitchford

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