New Cannon Fodder announced, along with reasons you shouldn’t get too excited just yet

No, it’s not a browser based social game, you can relax your clobbering hand for now. The latest instalment in this classic series has finally been announced, but will be part of a one-title licensed project by GFI, a fairly low-profile Russian publisher. A glance reveals they’ve been publishing a lot of the Tom Clancy Ubisoft games, but their development history seems to be limited to a game entitled Naughty Neighbours. Not really much of a confidence builder, is it?

This unfortunately means that there will be no Codemasters involvement, or the original creator of the series, Jon Hare. The description so far does sound rather enticing though, as the full product will feature destructible environments, weather effects and a 3D Isometric Environment. It should be a relatively easy formula to improve upon given the time between the 2nd and this 3rd installment, even longer if you only played the Mega Drive original title, so I’m still somewhat optimistic.

Even if it does turn out a little rugged, at least it’ll gauge the popularity of this cult series in the 21st century, and pave the way for a more official sequel. Also the suggestion of launching Cannon Fodder troops into space in this instalment reminds me of Metal Slug 3.

Cannon Fodder 3 will be released on PC and the Xbox 360, and currently has no release date, nor a confirmed release outside of Russian and the Commonwealth of Independent States, which I only just learnt was a thing.


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