Sega Addicts Abridged: October 1st – October 9th

As you all probably know, we had an ongoing weekly recap feature, which just grouped all the posts of a week together. That feature had two major problems: First of all, it took a lot of time to do. One to two hours are normally necessary to gather all the links, group them into categories and cleaning it up. It was a mess at best and nothing you’d want to do on a monday morning.

Then, there’s the fact that it didn’t get all that much attention, which is probably due to the fact that it went up at unreasonable times. This is why I present you this new format: Sega Addicts Abridged gives you the links to the most important news stories of a week together with all the podcasts, features and reviews this site provides for you. I hope you enjoy reading all the things we present to you, so hit the jump for my picks of this week!


There has been a fair share of interesting stories going one. One of the most interesting for Sonic fans is, that Sonic Generations seems to be coming to Steam and other downloadable platforms, with some added pre-order stuff added to it. Sounds pretty neat to me! But that is not all, the PlayStation Vita gets more love from Sega and Yakuza: Dead Souls is coming to Western PS3s! Now, that’s what I call good news!

Reviews and Features

Josh Newey has a review up for Thor 3DS and it seems he likes this version more than the other ones. Good for him! Personally, I applaud his courage to review such a thing! I’ve personally written up two Top 10’s these days: One fairly recent one considering which games should be given an HD remake and another one taking a look at which companies Sega could work together with in the future!


All the podcasts on Sega-Addicts have received new episodes: There’s of course the main podcast, the food podcast and last but not least the kid’s table, guest starring the guy who wrote this post that you’re reading right now, person from the future!


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