Sega announces “Sonic Generations of Skate” Event


I will admit that when I first read this announcement I was afraid another Sonic-related Kinect game was in the works.  However, Sonic Generations of Skate would appear to be very much the opposite!  This is happening in REAL LIFE!

This celebration of Sonic’s 20th Anniversary is a giant skateboarding event to be hosted in Venice Beach, California on Octorber 22.  During the Sonic Generations of Skate, twelve skateboarding legends including Andy Macdonald and Tony Hawk, will compete in halfpipe events for a cash prize.  The cast of competitors will range three generations (see how they tied in the Generations buzzword there?).  During the event, the public will also be able to play Sonic Generations a full week before it releases in the US!  There will also be skate clinics free skate sessions taking place at this extreme event.  The event will air on FOX Sports Network on November 25.

Nothing says XTREME like Sonic and skateboarding! So pull those SOAP shoes out of your closet and pre-register now!

[Source: SEGA blogs]

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