Binary Domain’s DX Pack includes a sweet scarf and headset

The next time you’re wondering which of your friends are real and which ones are the unfeeling, cold-hearted robots planning the invasion and enslavement of all humanity, here’s a good test to administer: take them out into the cold and offer them a scarf. If they be creatures of flesh and blood, they’ll gladly take you up on your generous offer. If they be empty shells of metal and mechanics, they’ll break your arm, take you out at the shins, and vaporize you with their laser eyes. It’s a fool-proof test, 100% guaranteed.

The folks at Sega are well aware of this, and as such are offering the unique little DX Bundle in Japan for their upcoming robot-blasting adventure Binary Domain. The bundle includes the absolutely gnarly scarf you see above, as well as an equally sweet headset for shouting at your in-game comrades. Check it out after the jump.

Binary Domain’s DX Bundle is going for a hearty 9,890 yen (that’s $130 in American moneys), though I doubt we’ll be getting the fool-proof robot tester scarf stateside. How am I going to protect my family from robots now?

[Source: Siliconera]