Nerdcore Hip-Hop artist Mister Wilson writes Sonic album


Sonic and Sega fans are some of the most vocal regarding their passions. Sometimes we can be a little too vocal, and other times that passion sprouts great creativity. This is one of those creative cases, with Mister Wilson’s latest album entitled Sonic FreEP.  The album is a nice little excursion into Sonic fandom with tracks using samples from Sonic games, as well as SATAM sound clips. One song does a good job of relating to the Archie Comic series, while another uses Living in the City’s chorus from Sonic R coupled with rhymes and beats of Mister Wilson’s own nature. Check it out in the source link, and if you dig it, be sure to download it since it’s FREE (my favorite price). Also, let us know what you think in the comments.

[Source: Bandcamp]

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