Samurai & Dragons will have 13 characters based on Sega consoles

dc girl

At first, we thought just the Sega Saturn was going to make a personified appearance in Samurai & Dragons. As it turns out, all 13 consoles from Sega’s library will receive personifications in the first card set for Japan releasing on February 1st for this Vita exclusive game. That includes everything from the 32X and Dreamcast, to even the SG-1000! After looking through the pictures I can say that I love how appropriately gigantic the Sega CD’s armor appears to be and how cute some of the other characters have been adapted, which is fitting since the same artist behind Hatsune Miku, Kei, is designing them. And the fact that Sega Mark III has Alex Kidd jumping out of a hat is awesome.

There will be a second card set released later with personifications of the NAOMI, Model 2, and other hardware models. I love Japan, and am now considering grabbing the English version of this game when it releases on the Asian digital space later this year.

Hit the jump to see a few characters, and check out the source link for the full gallery.

sad system girl group 1

sad mega cd girl

sad sg 1000 2 girl

sad 32x girl

sad mark 3 girl

[Source: Destructoid]