The Dream(pod)cast Episode 3: Power Stone and Bob Ross's Den of Hatred


I’m sorry.

There I said it. I’m sorry. This episode took far longer than it should have, but if it’s any consolation it’s one hell of a romp.

In it, John Doherty, Scotty Morrison and yours truly (I’m Josh. Hello.) share a wealth of engrossing (i.e. inane) and informative (i.e. insane) Dreamcast-centric discussion. In addition to the fantastic Power Stone series, we chat about little-known DC gems we want the world to try, our personal top 5 Dreamcast games we’ve never gotten to play ourselves, and Bob Ross’s creepy obsession with happy trees.

What the hell am I going on about? LISTEN TO THE EPISODE TO FIND OUT!

If you’re looking to play along with us, we’ll be talking about Chu Chu Rocket in the next episode!