Voice actor for Ryo from Shenmue teases new Sega project


Corey Marshall, the voice of Ryo Hazuki from the Shenmue series, has posted some intriguing photos on his Facebook page. One of them is a brand new photo of the voice actor in a recording studio and the second is an older photo of Mr. Marshall standing next to the Sega logo. Is he trying to communicate something? Is he working on a new Sega project?

In the past, Corey Marshall has only done work as Ryo for Sega so if this is indeed a Sega project all signs would point to him reprising his role. However, it could be as simple as DLC for All-Stars Racing: Transformed, which, wouldn’t entirely disappoint me. It’s also worth noting that Corey Marshall was in the film, The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror. Maybe this is a video game adaptation of that film…

What do you think is going on here? Are you sick of Shenmue 3 rumors? My heart certainly can’t take much more.

[Source: GameTrailers]