Customer is King, says Sega Amusements' Phil Mander

phil mander

Sega Amusements are attempting to add a face to their business operations by interviewing key members of staff, with the first interviewee being UK Sales Manager Phil Mander.

Mander has a lot of interesting things to say about the arcade industry and hard work in general. His passion for making Sega Amusements the best it can be is evident in his following statement,

I am most passionate about meeting new customers that have never dealt with Sega before and seeing if we can help them improve the amusements location with what we have to offer. I do hate the drive to and from work as it takes about 2 hours 30mins, but it’s worth it!

Mander also claims that redemption machines and the eradication of cash usage is the future of the arcade industry. When asked to give out tips for budding young amusement arcade professionals he simply said the following,

Hard work and dedication. Customer is King.

We often forgot about Sega’s thriving arcade business. It seems to me that the home entertainment division of Sega could learn a lot from Phil Mander.

[Source: Sega Amusements]

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