More Details on 3DS Shinobi III



Who likes Shinobi? I like Shinobi. The recent announcement of Shinobi III coming to the 3DS was one of the more exciting of the 3D classic releases for me. And there is even more to celebrate. Sega is adding more than 3D to this release. In addition to the stereoscopic 3D, Sega is adding a quick save, round select, and best of all the option to select the Japanese or English version. From what I know, there is not a huge difference between the English Shinobi III and the Japanese Super Shinobi II. But I always enjoy exploring the differences.

Another feature being added is a new control scheme selectable in the menu. In addition to the Genesis/Mega Drive 3-button controls of jump, attack, and ninjitsu. The 3DS release will feature a 5-button control scheme of jump, close range attack, shrunken attack, defend, and ninjitsu.

Let us know in the comments if you are picking up the 3DS releases. ALso, let us know if you like the additional features.


[Source: Siliconera]