New Blood and Gore DLC released for Total War: Rome 2

Sega and Creative Assembly have released new DLC – Blood and Gore. The pack was released on Halloween, no less, and will set you back £1.99 ($3.20). Not a bad price.

Total War: Rome 2, released on September 3rd, was met with a buggy release. Since then many patches have been provided to try and rectify this, as well as other DLC to expand its contents. In this light, Blood and Gore is different from the other DLC in that is adds nothing to extend the game play – it simply adds to the visual an audio experience. Steam Store‘s description of the pack is as follows:

Blood & Gore features new visual and sound effects including:

• New blood-spattered front end
• Graphics option for turning on/off blood
• Blood VFX on arrow/pilum/javelin impacts
• Blood VFX on rock/stone impacts
• Blood VFX on death animations
• Blood shader on death animations and attackers
• Decapitation on selected death animations
• Dismemberment on selected death animations
• Blood decals on terrain
• Sound effects for all blood animations

All of the points bar two contain the word “blood”, the others contains “death”. I guess with Blood and Gore, the clue really is in the name.

[source: VideoGamer ]