After Hours Episode 24: Switching the Genres

This week, Brett and Scotty welcome back Stevie and discover he has acquired a new interesting hat. Along with that, we ramble off a small bit of news and Scotty goes into depth again over the PT demo, because he can’t get enough of it. More importantly, Elysian Shadows met its Kickstarter goal! Go congratulate those guys!

Along with this, the guys discuss placing some of their favorite Sega games into completely different genres. Because, why wouldn’t a text-based ToeJam & Earl adventure game work? Quit looking at me, Sonic Fighters.

Finally, we have more announcements regarding the Dreamless Dreamcast 24-hour Marathon in honor of the Dreamcast’s 15th anniversary this year. It will be taking place Saturday September 6th from 6am EST to 6am Sunday morning. Brett will be joining Scotty for the entire 24 hours, and it will be broadcasted on the Twitch page: SegaAddictScotty. Please tune in for the insanity!
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And expect a full post on the Dreamless Dreamcast 24-Hour Marathon very soon!