Plan your September 17th with the Dreamcast Marathon schedule

Firstly, Happy 17th Anniversary to the Sega Dreamcast! Do you all remember where you were on 9/9/99? I sure do, but that’s a story for another day, or maybe during this year’s Dreamcast Marathon. Speaking of, let’s take a look at this year’s schedule. This is the post when you plan your day out, or decide to accompany us for the entire 24-hours of insanity. Either way, we can’t wait to hang out with all of you! It all kicks off at 7am EST, folks. Not sure what you’re in for? Check out last year’s marathon here!

7am: Sonic Adventure
8am: Dead or Alive 2
9am: Typing of the Dead
10am: Blue Stinger
11am: Hydro Thunder
12pm: Gauntlet Legends
1pm: Capcom Vs. SNK 2
2pm: Jet Set Radio
3pm: Mr. Driller*
4pm: Shenmue
5pm: Rez
6pm: Project Justice
7pm: Toy Commander
8pm: Crazy Taxi
9pm: Gunlord
10pm: Carrier
11pm: Power Stone 2
12am: Virtua Tennis
1am: Psychic Force
2am: Pen Pen Tricelon
3am: Daytona USA
4am: Cannon Spike
5am: Chu Chu Rocket
6am: Soul Calibur*

Some of those hours will be competitive such as Crazy Taxi being a score attack, and Typing of the Dead. Some games will also take advantage of the *fishing rod controller for obvious entertainment reasons.

And please please PLEASE don’t forget that we are raising money for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. You can make a donation by checking out our site here, click the “Roster” tab, then click a participant’s name, and then on the “Donate” button.

Check back on Monday when we’ll be announcing all the different prizes that you could win!


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