Sonic Colors pre-orders to come with blue spiky hat has added a pre-order bonus for Sonic Colors, which, appears to be a hat shaped like the top of Sonic’s head. I can only assume that once put on the wearer will obtain godlike powers in the ability to attract the opposite sex of any species. It would also look great at Sunday brunches, funerals, political rallies, and brouhahas.

I don’t know about you but I secretly actually want one. I’d rather have physical pre-order bonuses over DLC and in-game content any day of the week.

[Source: SegaBits]

  • Well looks like another preorder bonus I have to pick up in a hat, long coat and dark sunglasses

  • Dan Clark

    But what did you wear as a disguise when you went to pick up the hat, long coat and dark sunglasses?!

    American football teams should wear these over their helmets to run faster. And look cooler.

  • Pat Reddick

    Do you think EB Games would have this too? I pretty much need this.

  • I’m gonna buy one of those mannequin wig heads just for this

  • Alex Sargeant

    Presumably it’s for critics to eat in the event that it turns out well.

  • I saw one of these in a FYE store today. I guess they’re for sale too

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