Sonic figures from First 4 are boss, up for preorder

The camera's THIS way, Tails

Remember the special Summer of Sonic con-exclusive figure set we told you about from First 4? They ain’t so exclusive now! At least they won’t be in September when you can get your own set of 6 classic Sonic characters. The set featuring Sonic, Super Sonic, Metal Sonic, Amy, Tails and Knuckles will run you about $29.99 and are up for preorder now over at First 4’s site. You can see some more photos on their page and over at Tomopop. I’ll certainly be getting a set. They’re so much nicer than those over-articulated monstrosities I keep seeing in toy stores. Why does a Sonic figure need 25 hideous joints effing up the design? Even his spikes have joints!

[source: Tomopop]

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  1. Wait… are those joints in Sonic’s SPIKES? Does Sonic have prehensile spikes?

  2. I hate those things so much. I was about to buy the RC car we reported on last week but the figures in those are the same deal!

  3. Yeah I remember you mentioning that. I just don’t understand. They didn’t even need to come off the vehicles.

  4. These are so very tempting.

  5. I need a Robotnik figure to round out the classic cast. The only one I’m really not that happy with is Tails. And maybe Knuckles too but I think that’s just because I don’t like Knuckles that much.

  6. @Matthew Jay
    Yeah, I’m not that happy with this version of Tails either.

    Those “over-articulated monstrosities” look like a cross between toys and marionettes.

  7. I’ve always just seen it as an extension of Sonic Team not wanting to make Sonic and wanting to make Final Fantasy or whatever. These aren’t fucking Mcfarlane figures or Marvel Legends. They wanna make Figmas but it doesn’t work with noodle arms! It looks cool on a Gundam or Lupin III but on Sonic it just looks like shit.

  8. I love the Metal Sonic figure.

    The rest are just meh.

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