Sonic comic artwork is something you can buy at Summer of Sonic

I like comics. Although I’ve never read any of the Sonic Archie comics. I’ve heard they’re good. Good for your mind. Good for your non-existent soul. If you don’t like them, you’re a terrible person, etc. But I digress. What I haven’t said yet is that at this years Summer of Sonic you’ll be able to get your innocent hands on some exclusive Archie comic artwork.

The artwork itself will be some various pages from issue’s #175, #200, and #208-209. Seems like that might be enough to go around. Assuming they aren’t swamped by rabid fanboys (which they probably will). So if this makes you want to go to Summer of Sonic now then fantastic! I’ll see you there. Or probably not, since I’m not actually going. You’ll have to save your punches for next year.

[Source: Summer of Sonic]

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  1. Wow, I wonder how much they’d go for…

  2. Man, wish I was there

  3. I liked the comics, but… they’re not THAT good. I did like Spaz’s art though.

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