PSP Yakuza to come with DLC and shaving razor in Japan… I’m serious

Yakuza Razor

Looks like Tatsuya used it on his chest.

Sega’s recent spate of awesome retail-specific bonuses might change my morning routine forever. Everyday, when I throw on my imaginary tie and business suit, grab my imaginary suitcase and kiss my imaginary wife, I’ll always be sure to snatch my Sonic scalp off the imaginary coat hanger and perch it upon my noggin before I head out to start my day. Oh, but what if I need to shave? Well, if I lived in Japan, Sega would have me covered.

If you pick up your copy of the upcoming Yakuza PSP title at Japanese retailer Bic Camera (an appropriate name, considering), you’ll also receive the shaving razor you see pictured above.  The razor itself doesn’t look like it’s emblazoned with anything Yakuza-specific, but the box displays the game’s main character Tatsuya, so of course this tie-in now makes perfect sense.  Obviously, sheesh.

Other Japanese retailers are receiving slightly less peculiar bonus items in the form of pre-order DLC codes printed on a series of gorgeous Yakuza-themed cards.  As Andriasang points out, this content is especially intriguing, as it serves as an indicator of what we can expect for future DLC.  This includes “edit parts” to be added to your custom characters, special moves obtained by defeating a challenge, and unique outfit items that you can gift to the hostesses of the game.  All the pre-order bonuses sound pretty sweet, but I still prefer the razor.

Now all I need is my Vanquish toothbrush.

[Source: Andriasang]

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  1. If I had that, I would use it to shave lines in my hair like Tetsuya, then look at how silly I’d look and immediately regret it.

  2. they mixed up the Yakuza and Heavy Rain preorder bonuses

  3. Nah, Heavy Rain came with a gun and an assortment of origami. Although, both could technically come with severed fingers…

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