Aaron Webber pranked with a Green Hill office makeover

I guess I should have known that Sega would have the best office pranks in existence.  For the past few weeks, Sega’s Aaron Webber has been off in Europe, and apparently it’s an office tradition to prank anyone on vacation.  What they schemed up this time isn’t so much of a prank as it is a Sonic fan’s wet dream.

With a little arts n’ crafts know-how, the folks at Mr. Webber’s office replaced his regular workplace motif with a complete recreation of Green Hill Zone.  Just about everything you’d expect is here, including floating rings, gigantic palm trees and even floating clouds.  They even included the trademark Sonic/Robotnik panel found at the end of every classic Sonic stage, complete with real spinning action! I feel bad that Mr. Webber has to take that masterpiece down.  It can’t be easy.  I’d want to continue living in that papercraft paradise until they fired me for my lack of productivity.

In fact, after seeing that video all I can think about is papering my walls with the serene landscapes of Sonic 2. What’s more, if I could have one of those flipping panels waiting for me everywhere I go, I could die a happy man. That’s all I want.  Is that so much to ask?

[Source: Sega Blog]

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  1. Yet another reason Sega looks like an awesome place to work!

  2. That…is unbelievably cool. I can’t wait to see what Aaron does to get them back!

  3. Big deal. This is how my room looks all the time.

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