New zone revealed for Sonic 4

Last night without telling anyone Sega of America updated the Sonic 4 website, revealing a new zone. The zone is named Lost Labyrinth and features underwater and very dark sections. Besides the zone, 12 screenshots were released, a couple more badniks, some concept art and a free download of the zone’s music from Act 1. You can check out all the new stuff at the official Sonic 4 website.

Remember when all of Sonic 4 was stolen and released on video? This zone was the one with the mine cart level. The mine cart seems to be gone and the screens indicate now Sonic will be making use of torches to light the way and to light fuses. That seems like an interesting mechanic to me that puts an emphasis on platforming over speed. Tell me how you feel about it in the comments.

[Source: The Sonic City Blognik]

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  1. Platforming > hold right to win

  2. Looks awesome, I can’t wait for Sonic 4 to come out on Xbox.

  3. What Matt said.

    I’m so happy to see so much focus going into multifaceted play mechanics in both of the new Sonic games.

    This fall can’t come fast enough.

  4. I can’t say I’m looking forward to this level. Looks to be a mixer of the original Labyrinth Zone (obviously), and Sandopolis Act 2 (with the darkness stuff and all), my two least favorite levels in the entire original series

    Hopefully I’m wrong about it being potentially bad, though. Cause I really do wanna love this game.

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