Vanquish demo hits Japan on September 2nd

Are you Japanese? Well then congratulations because you can read English! Your prize for this is to be able to download the Vanquish demo on to your PS3/ Xbox 360 on the second day of September. You lucky boy! However if you are not Japanese then you´ll either have to sit in shame, or download it through your Japanese accounts on your PS3.

The game looks awesome, so hopefully we´ll get the demo soon after. Looks fun as hell, either way. I´ll definitely be picking this up when it comes out. Only a fool wouldn´t, you fool!

[Source: Sega Bits]

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  1. Looks like it will be out in the US PSN and XBLA on the 31st!

  2. @Kris Knigge
    The 31st you say? Well then, I guess there’s no reason to make another JPN account then.

  3. I always hear about people using the Japanese PSN for stuff. How do you do that?

  4. You have to make a new profile on your PS3 and setup a Japanese account when you make a PSN ID for that profile. There’s several tutorials you can find through Google or YouTube.

  5. Sweet. Can’t wait for try the demo when it hit Japan

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