New Vanquish trailer shows off Pre-Order DLC

Well would ya look at that! It’s a new Vanquish trailer! Why thank you Sega! That’s right for a limited time only (limited meaning forever), you can see the Vanquish pre order content in action! Man, those guns look epic! Can’t wait to have some good ol’ fashion violence with this! Man, I’m so positive right now everything has an exclamation mark in it! Woo! Life is wonderful again!

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  1. The guns look nice but I wish they were already in the game.

  2. @GamingFiend
    I hear you. But I believe they’ll be available as DLC. If there’s any tradeoff I’m ok with, it’s that. If they were never available to anybody but the folks who went to Gamestop, it’d be much more of an injustice.

  3. I’ve never really been into in game pre-order bonuses but the game is shaping up to look better than I previously thought.

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