Hideki Kamiya believes there will be a Bayonetta sequel

Hideki Kamiya (the director of Bayonetta) has recently hinted at a Bayonetta sequel. When asked by a fan if there will ever be a Bayonetta 2, he replied in English: “I believe so.” But that’s not all! He also tweeted to a different person, “She’ll [Bayonetta] be back if you believe so.”

So what could this mean? Could we be seeing our favourite witch in another action game sometime soon? Probably. But as always we’ll have to wait and see until Sega makes a decision. Let’s just hope they make it soon.

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. Good to hear. It was basically Devil May Cry 5, and now that the actual Devil May Cry 5 is being made by Ninja Theory I’m a little concerned about it. Hopefully they’ll pull through on it. Anyway, Bayonetta is still my GOTY and long may it reign there.

  2. Never mind that. When Bayonetta 2 succeeds financially, what game is Hideki Kamiya going to request gets a console port this time? Afterburner Climax is freaking sweet.

    I wonder what he thinks of Planet Harrier…

  3. I’ve yet to pick up Bayonetta but I’ve only heard praise of the game. Fast, fluid controls and dodge canceling out any moves. More unlockables and characters for the 2nd game yes please.

  4. I hope that if they do end up making a sequal, it takes up my gaming need that it looks like the new DMC game is going to leave behind

  5. It’s always hard to know exactly what the Japanese developers are hinting at when they tell you in English. XD

  6. That is nice, but I am still waiting for the first one to be cheaper so I can buy it.

  7. I recently purchased Bayonetta by recommendation of a friend. After hearing this news I feel as though I need to finish up the first one so that I can be prepared for the next chapter.

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