Repost: Customizing your avatar

I’ve decided to repost this blog to help all of our users who would like to get a working avatar picture.

WordPress is good at making easy things hard. Customizing your avatar is one of them. After struggling myself to get it to work I felt a little tutorial may be helpful for the rest of our community.

First, register your account on Remember your details you enter like the username, email address, etc.

Now, once that’s complete head on over to Create an account there using the exact same username, email, etc. that you used before.

Finally, go to your account dashboard (while still at and click My Profile on the left. To the right you should see a box where you can change your “gravitar”. Use this thingy to upload your own image and give yourself your very own avatar. If everything works right your avatar should change to whatever you uploaded.

Hooray! Happy times!

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  1. Well, thats awesome, except it thinks my password is to simple and it wont allow my Username because it has a space in the name, so that whole avatar thing, not looking like it will work for me

  2. Yeah, you might be boned because of that space, but you can change the password on the SEGA Addicts site to whatever you set at That’s what I had to do, and now it looks to be working. Thanks for the quick tutorial Mr. Riggen!

  3. Is this working now…?

  4. So that’s how you do it!

  5. We’re all looking pretty snazzy now, aren’t we?

  6. Sounds too complicated, I’ll just stick with the default. Gosh!

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